I’m Craving His Orders…

This weekend was the long weekend up here in Canada, and as such Dom went away for the weekend. He was at a cottage with others, and no cellphone service. I was left home alone, with nothing but the internet and my own imagination.

Sure, I mean there’s TONS of porn out there to enjoy, and I DID have my toys available here…. But its just not the same!

You see, I get just as much (if not more) turned on by the fact he is taking control as I do the actual sexual play. Sure, he’s a great fuck, don’t me wrong there. I am NOT complaining about what he brings to the table in that sense AT ALL! I’m one lucky sub… But when he calmly, but firmly, tells me exactly what I am going to do next, I can be fully clothed and that alone can have me edging!

Sometimes it doesn’t even take his voice – I’ve had him control a day, step by step, with a series of tasks that I needed to complete all by text message, providing him with photo evidence that each was completed and it was HOT!

This is why I embrace being a sub.

I can go without the physical side for a long time if I needed to. Sure, I love a good fuck, and I will NEVER say no to spankings from Dom. However, if I had to choose between that, and him taking control I will choose the control every day.

It turns me on when he uses it outside of sexual play. When I reference something that he decided I was going to take part in (like helping with something in the community) and he ever so calmly states ‘You can quit when I say you can quit.’ DONE! That simple phrase has me all hot and bothered and eager to drop to my knees.

Or when we go out for lunch and he orders for me, saying ‘I KNOW what you like, I’ll make the decision.’ YES! Yes, you will make the decision! You will make any decision you want to make!

I crave him telling me what he wants me to do.

I crave him taking control.

I crave his domination.

As we put the weekend behind us, I eagerly await the domination I have been waiting all weekend for. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I think the same is true for my submission….

4 thoughts on “I’m Craving His Orders…

  1. “and he ever so calmly states ‘You can quit when I say you can quit.’ DONE! That simple phrase has me all hot and bothered and eager to drop to my knees.” absolutely couldn’t agree more with this. For me it’s the nonchalant delivery of an order. I also feel like it would be so nice to give that responsibility to someone – I don’t know how long for. But to have them decide what you eat, when you eat, when you go to bed, when you orgasm. To have them look after you like that so you never have to worry about anything.

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  2. Love this! He’s got you all hot and bothered and he doesn’t even have to be there. My Daddy has that effect on me as well and he typically structures my days for me via text, requiring I send photo evidence. I have to agree with what you said about it being even stronger when he takes control outside of the bedroom…I yearn for him to dominate me in most areas of my life, both in and out of the bedroom. Great post 🙂

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