Getting Ready, Razor in Hand…

One of the things that I can do for my Dom is to ensure that I am ‘ready’ prior to any play sessions. This doesn’t just mean mentally, as that side of things is obviously also important, but being physically clean and ready for him.

Disclosure – you need to get to know your Dom to know what he likes. While I keep myself clean shaven, for example, that doesn’t mean that will be the right fit for you and your Dom. The way in which you physically present yourself needs to be something that a) you are comfortable with first and foremost and b) if you are doing this as a way of doing something nice for your Dom, that it is what he likes.

While some people will go for laser treatments, or prefer waxing, I opt for shaving. Will I ever consider trying to the other options? Maybe! I am not against them… I just stick to shaving because its what I know, and what makes me comfortable.

Shaving is going to take A LOT of upkeep – the hair can start growing back in a matter of days. Before you start this process, you need to ask yourself if you are ready for the work that it is going to entail. If this doesn’t intimidate you, read ahead!


Here is the process I follow… This is my personal opinion not that of a dermatologist or expert, so if there is any reason that you are concerned in doing this yourself (for example if you have a skin condition that you will need to deal with) speaking with a professional first is ideal!


If this is your first time, make it easier on yourself and take a pair of scissors to your pubic hair first. Cut it back as far as you comfortably can. Be cautious not to use a dull pair of scissors, that’s just asking for pain! A bikini trimmer is another option for cutting the hair back.

If throughout this process you need to use a hand mirror to see, please do! There is no shame in not being able to contort yourself enough to see what you’re doing, and especially in the beginning when you aren’t completely comfortable with the process – you could definitely hurt yourself and this is NOT a place that want to be sporting shaving battle wounds.

If you are taking a bath, allow your hair to soak and soften in the bath. In the shower, the best trick I have been given was to put conditioner on your pubic hair and allow that to sit for approximately 5 min to soften the hair.

Apply shaving cream or gel to the area. I personally prefer using a ‘sensitive skin’ shaving cream, just being a little extra careful to protect myself down there! You will need to use a new/sharp razor. Using a dull blade leads to in-ground hairs, cuts and razor burn. None of these are fun to have going on between your leg – just don’t do it! If you question AT ALL the age of your razor, grab a new one!!!!

What type of razor to pick is entirely a matter of personal preference. Some of the larger razors are going to be a little harder to maneuver in smaller spaces and may complicate the process. Personally, I use a men’s disposable with a built-in moisture strip. I have tried MANY different types of razors, and I just find that this is the one that gives me my preferred result. This is where you need to allow yourself to play a little game of trial and error.

While shaving, you are going to want to use one hand to pull the skin in that area tight, but don’t’ use too much pressure. Shave in the direction that the hair grows, using slow strokes. Allow the razor to glide across the skin, without putting too much pressure upon it. If you need to, apply more shaving cream as you go.

Rinse the area clean thoroughly afterwards, to be sure that you aren’t leaving any product on your freshly shaved skin. Pat dry with a clean towel. Afterwards apply aloe vera or coconut oil. Avoid using most body lotions, as any type of scented product is likely going to sting your skin! Put on a pair of 100% cotton underwear for awhile, this is going to allow the skin to breath and recover and will help you to prevent ingrown hairs.

Enjoy your newly smooth, hair free skin!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready, Razor in Hand…

  1. I don’t even have a bloke and I have to make that effort for cam work. Kinda gets on my nerves. Wish I could just grow it out of laziness lol… least waxing doesn’t hurt as much any more hehe

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