My Pink Cherry Wish List

I love Pink Cherry for my first go to spot for toys. They have a pretty decent selection, and their price points are more than fair. After a fun conversation on Twitter yesterday for Sex Talk Tuesday (@SexTalkTuesday) I found myself once again browsing and contemplating what I felt the need to pick up next.

After creating a fairly extensive wish list (which I will of course bring up with Dom – sex toys always make for a fun conversation, and I love to learn which ones he too would be interested in) I decided to share a few with you! So, without further adieu…

Note that all photos come straight from the Pink Cherry website – Clicking on the name of the item will take you to the correct page to purchase it. This is not at all endorsed by Pink Cherry or any of the toy manufacturers, merely a list of what items are currently turning me on! 


1. Rich R3 Gold Plug with Sparkling Sapphire in Blue

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I have always had a love for a good jeweled plug, and use one occasionally here myself. There is something about this one that just looks like WAY too much fun… Oh and have I recently mentioned just how much I LOVE anal???


2. Triplet Remote Vibrating Beaded Plug in Black


OK, once again with the anal love – but when you find something you love run with it! I know that Dom LOVES any chance that he can drive me nuts from a distance while sitting back and watching the show, so not only would this one be a ton of fun for me, but he’d have a fun time with it too making it even more appealing!


3. Master Series Monarch Noir Chained Clover Clamps


There is something that is always fun about nipple play, and I love having a variety of different types of nipple clamps as each one is fun in its own way, with its own sensations!


4. Pear Remote Vibrating Kegel Balls in Into You Indigo


A friend has been raving about the fun she and her Master have been having playing with this, which of course makes me feel like I too need to experience this fun! For referral reasons alone (and I am ALWAYS game to hear of a fun referral, please share your favourites in the comments) this one was a given for the list!


5. Command Suspension Cuff Set


When I first saw this it looked like a kinda boring set up, however when I was visiting a friends house she had it set up in the bedroom. We were just goofing around (hehe) and I decided to give them a try…. Let me tell you, I’m seeing a lot of potential with what could be done here and it might be a fun way for Dom and I to help someone else ease into the whole scene because they aren’t overly intimidating for new comers.


I would be interested to hear all about your favourite toys! What do you currently swear by? What has made your wish list?

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3 thoughts on “My Pink Cherry Wish List

  1. Love your wish list, Sub D! I totally desire everything on it! We recently purchased a vibrating anal plug with a wireless remote and Daddy loves being in control of the remote 🙂 I have been considering purchasing an anal hook, which could then be attached to handcuffs…have you ever used something like this?

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