D/s Elements in Our Daily Lives

Life has a way of getting away from us, and when it does it becomes difficult to fit in the things that we may enjoy. Those desires that start our heart pounding, or make us feel all tingly deep down inside, are replaced instead by responsibility, work and, well, a lack of fun!

That has, unfortunately, been my life the last few weeks, and thus I haven’t been on here communicating with any of you. I also haven’t had a chance to carve in time for much in depth playtime with Master over the course of this time… It seems that when my schedule finally opens, he is then busy!

This can often cause disappointment and distress for those of us who feed off our submissive sides, and I’m sure that our Dominant counterparts feel disappointment as well!

This is where Master and I turn, instead, to the smaller daily tasks in which he can exert his dominance and remind me of our roles. These small shifts in our mindset allow us to continue experiencing the power shift that drives us both despite a lack of time.


While many of these will seem obvious to those more experienced in living the lifestyle, I am going to share a list of 10 of my favourites that we have been using as of late for all levels of experience to enjoy!

**Please note that I am wording everything referring to the basic terms of Dom/sub. Insert whatever title(s) you are most comfortable with using. I have also used ‘his/he’ as it is me speaking on my own experiences, that does not mean that it only refers to males being in the Dominant role, that just happens to be the case for me! **


  1. Ask permission before spoiling or treating yourself, this could be something larger like those fancy new shoes you’ve been eyeing up, or something as simple as a cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop.
  2. Handle the organization/paperwork/calendar for your partner. While you don’t get to make the decisions of what all goes on the calendar, you can keep it all neatly organized and recorded in one place.
  3. Serve your Dom meals prior to settling in with your own.
  4. Bake/cook his favourite foods.
  5. When you are spending time relaxing with friends, serve your Dom all his drinks, as well as serving drinks to all his friends. Be attentive and ensure that their drinks don’t run dry before you act to replenish them again.
  6. Allow him to make decisions about your daily appearance – whether its what you wear, how you do your hair, what makeup you’re permitted to put on or even whether you’re allowed to wear panties that day.
  7. If he makes a request or a suggestion, such as pointing out that you look as though you didn’t eat enough, immediately listen without questioning him.
  8. Allow him to set your schedule, informing you when it is time to do household chores, when you should be working (if you work from home and have the ability to set your own schedule), when you partake in activities like taking a hot bath, and when you sleep.
  9. Allow him to order for you, choosing your meals and drinks as he sees fit.
  10. When out with others, always ask permission to do/partake in anything. (This is an even bigger turn on I find when you are around people who are unaware of your power exchange because its like your little secret).


This is only a taste, there is SO much more that you can do depending on whether you live together, see each other often, communicate regularly, etc.

What are your favourite ways to live your D/s relationship in your daily lives? Do you live a 24/7 power exchange, or save it for the bedroom?


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